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About the founder and project   

Hey, my name is Britt Steele, and I decided about a year ago to develop a mobile app to assist people in elevating their life accomplish and experience all that it can bring. This includes learning, healing, and achieving. I enjoy developing products, many free, that make use of technology.

Recently, I decided it is going to be best to combine my site/apps into one label, to make all of what I can do online, available under one name, Helpful Life Steps. This is to include having the guidance tools initially from Helpful Life Steps, the savings tools and features from Helpful Life Steps, and in the future the learning and advancement tools from Sensory Applications available from a single interface. A big reason for this is to make your selection and use of all the features easier.

The site/apps from Shopper`s Lil` Helper, Helpful Life Steps, Sensory Applications, blogs, and various online media and literature portals are to be my way of helping you grow and obtain what you may need.

The initial Helpful Life Steps was my second major dynamic online project, and was a bereavement assistance site/app. After founding Helpful Life Steps, I wanted to make an app for people who can use help in healing after the passing of a loved one. I believe in life, one should experience the best ways to heal, learn, and grow, to both living and ascending their lives to be happy and make the most of what is to be ahead.

I'm hoping that communicating, with people with some thoughtful understanding, and any positive utilization of helpful thoughts and acts available to you assist you in growing, and experiencing and enjoying life.

Now that the many online tools and features I have made available are nearly entirely through Helpful Life Steps, I'm hoping your growing, development, and obtainment of the items you need and desire, all help in making you successful and happy in life.

Additionally, I want to be available to you through the phone and messaging to discuss whatever you may like to help you on your path!

Britt Steele