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Fitness Intro

I've been working out for a total of about 12 years. That means off an on from 15 years-old to 36 years old, with the most consitent working-out being in the most recent 12 years of my life. I am at the point where I feel happier with being physically fit, because of how it improve my well-being and physical abilities, and it is without being 'addicted' to doing such.

I think most form of physical exercise, done properly, work in self-improvement. There are two great categories that combine to make a person healthy.

1. An Excellent Well-Rounded Work-Out Program:

This includes the selection of exercises that start with compound movements close to full-body exercises, more specific body-part exercises, and cardio exercise.
A great example of a 1.15 hour workout would be 1 compound full lower-body exercise, 1 coupound mid/lower-body exercise, 1 compound upper-body exercise, some specific body-part exercises, a relatively efficient run, and some ab exercises.

2. A Great Understanding of Proper Nutrition:

Understanding proper sustainance of the body in respect to food intake is essential and helpful. This includes knowing the nutrient types, including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, water, and more. Knowing what to digest to improve your health, and what not to intake to avoid harm has great potential in making you healthy.

This is to be the first installment of what I'm hoping is a great introductory guide to being fit, and to lead you on your way to being a healthy person! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via this link or the button on your main menu!