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Having best efforts in proper nutrition intake and hydration. Protein, Carbs, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, and Water. I've been eating 5 meals, throughout the day. This is the chronology of my workouts. This is not working out after taking a long break, but this describes my increase in frequencies of workouts to about twice a week. First set is a light warm-up
ExerciseRepetitions per SetWeight for Set
Week 2, Day 5
High Forward/Medium Reverse Vertical Jumps20 reps
High Forward Vertial Jumps/High Reverse Vertical Jumps40 feet
Ab Crunches60
Week 2, Day 3b
Side Raises5,10,5,5
Week 2, Day 3a
Bench Press5,10,5,5
Side Raises5,10,5,5
Week 2, Day 1
Back Extensions10,1010,20
Light Calf Raises10,10bar, 135
Light Shrugs10,10bar,135
Week 1, Day 1
Deadlifts5,5(2nd warm-up),10,10,2 of 5135,135,225,225,315
Dumbell Shoulder Press5,10,10,5,525,50,50,70,70
1 Arm Bicep Cable Curls5,10,1025,50,50
1 Arm Tricep Cable Pushdowns10,5,5
Ab Crunches30,3010,10