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Selection of Deals is at About 85% of Currently Intended Availablility!

Recent Site/App Fixes:
7-12-2019 12:05am EST- Fixed the music player and snippet loader design layouts
7-11-2019 12:05am EST- Fixed the music player
6-29-2019 4:15pm EST- Fixed the picture gallery
6-18-2019 8:00am EST- Fixed some of design layout and functionality issues for the sign-up page
4-18-2019 1:25pm EST- Fixed more of design layout for features such as Q&A
4-8-2019 1:25pm EST- Fixed some of design layout for features such as Q&A, Happy Thoughts, Dilemmas and Resolutions
3-27-2019 1:25pm EST- All Deals Matcher error fixed
3-9-2019 12:00pm EST- Coupons.com link fixed
1-11-2019 11:30pm EST- Shopping list error fixed
12-17-2018 8:55pm EST- Interface on smaller mobile devices now functioning

Recent Site/App Improvements
7-12-2019 1:35am EST- Added contact info phone number and some songs
7-11-2019 12:05am EST- Added some songs
6-18-2019 12:30pm EST- Added Store Deals from True Value
6-18-2019 12:30pm EST- Added Store Deals from Ace Hardware
5-13-2019 12:50pm EST- Added Store Deals from Best Buy
5-8-2019 11:05am EST- Added Store Deals from Home Depot, Lowes, and for Unique Items, Ebay
4-14-2019 12:50pm EST- Dollar Tree store street locations added
3-27-2019 8:10pm EST- Added 15 Songs to the Music Player
3-27-2019 8:10pm EST- Sales for Aldi, Costco, Dick`s Sporting Goods, Express, Lord and Taylor, JCPenney, and Weis Implemented
3-9-2019 8:10pm EST- Physiological Improvement Blog Updated
3-9-2019 5:00pm EST- Physiological Improvement Blog Added
3-9-2019 12:00pm EST- App Download Link Added
1-25-2019 2:30pm EST- Fitness Intro feature added
2-9-2019 11:05pm EST- Autozone locations and site link feature added
2-9-2019 11:00pm EST- PC Richard and Son locations and site link feature added
1-5-2018 11:59pm EST- Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollars Store Locations and Online Circulars Added
12-23-2018 12:20pm EST- Advance Auto Parts and Pep Boys Store Locations and Online Circulars Added

Current Site Features/Tools

Happy Thoughts feature
Questions and Answers tool
Dilemmas and Resolutions tool
Emotion Scaper tool
Discussions feature/tool
Descision-Making tool
Picture Gallery feature
Music feature

Shopping List Creation/Editing/Sending and View Sales tool
Deal Searcher tool
Deal Matcher tool
Online Circular, and Store Location tool
Coupon Printing tool
Budget Wizard tool
Recipes and Snippets feature
Spending Analytics financial feature